The Ranch Rug Cleaning Company

Telephone Number: 01299 822403 / 07989 508464

Why Ranch Rug Cleaning?

10 Reasons why you should use Ranch Rug services...

  1. All rugs washed individually
  2. Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal wash as standard for every rug
  3. All cleaning products designed specifically for horses
  4. All rugs air dried to eliminate shrinkage
  5. All types of washing undertaken including pet bedding as well as rugs
  6. Ranch Rug have a seamstress, we can provide a quote if necessary
  7. Tack and leather repairs undertaken
  8. If you are having difficulty finding or modifying that rug or locating that precise piece of tack that you want then we may be able to help
  9. Rugs can be brought to the farm or your local tack shop
  10. Free pick up and delivery

Each rug is individually washed and allowed to dry naturally in our open barn and then finished off in the dryer on a very low heat to remove any hair and ensure it is fully dry. When you receive your rug it will be individually wrapped for your convenience.

Rugs can be brought straight to the farm or collected from individual yards by arrangement in addition to a pick up service for tack shops within 100 miles of Worcestershire. If you own or manage a tack shop in the Midlands and would be interested in our services please do no hesitate to contact us.

In addition to rug washing and repairs Ranch Rug also work on dog beds, dog coats, tents and even handbags! Zips can be replaced in that coat or those chaps you may not have been able to do up for years! Ranch Rug have made extra wide nosebands and repaired and widened leather boots. No job is too big or too small!

Every rug and leather repair is carried out by Ranch Rug staff who understand the needs of horses and horse people. Therefore work is carried out and checked over by people who understand the function of the piece worked on and can see what will work for you and your horse. If you are unsure on where your nearest tack shop that works with the Ranch Rug Cleaning Company is, please contact Tim on the number 07989 508464.